Some people write for money. Some write for fame. Some write because they feel they have a story inside of them desperately trying to get out, but that spoken words just won’t do justice. If you’re a writer, you don’t know always think about why you write, unless someone asks. For many people, writing is a chore. But, for a writer, it is simply second nature, or in some cases, “first nature”.

For me, writing is my favorite way to communicate. If I could speak to the world only through keys, I would be utterly content. I find it so much easier to portray my thoughts when I am able to take the time to think through them before I begin. Often times when I speak, I begin before I fully understand what I’m trying to say. When I write, I am able to delete the words that aren’t needed, to revise the sentences that don’t make sense, and to move my thoughts around on the page so they are presented in an organized way.

“If I could speak to the world only through keys, I would be utterly content.”

Many people have a passion or even multiple passions that they feel they were born to do. I feel I was born to write. Sometimes I don’t have time to write, but whenever I do, everything is right with the world again. I don’t like speaking in front of crowds, and writing allows me to say powerful things without having to look at an audience at all. For us introverts, the ability to write is a wonderful outlet. It can be therapeutic and stress-relieving. I don’t have a long and extravagant answer to the question of why I write. I just do. And this piece on why I write might actually be the shortest answer I have ever given to a question.

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